Basically I'm looking for what is analogous to selecting a block of text or lines and hitting tab; but instead of tab doing so with the space-bar.

Is there an easy shortcut for it? Can't find anything anywhere. When I select a block of text, and hit the space-bar it replaces the lot with a single space!


As @DK Bose said in his comment above...

  1. Position the cursor directly in front of the first line which you are wanting to indent by 1 or more single character spaces.
  2. Press Alt+Shift and (in my case) press the down arrow to grow the cursor to how ever many lines you want (removing line wrapping helps!). Basically you'll end up with a very long vertical cursor blinking.
  3. Press space! It will now move multiple lines at the same time by a single character spacing.
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This feature is available in the Extra Selection plugin, and could be unavailable depending on your installation.

It had a Column mode actionable with Alt+Shift key combination (configurable).

Then, all Ctrl+Shift+Movement keys do rectangle selection instead of stream and your typing is on each lines simultaneously.

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  • This is the default behavior on my config, you can set another key combo via settings - shortuts – freezed Dec 17 '18 at 20:04

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