I work on Microsoft windows over 10 years "client and server", today I installed on my new laptop Ubuntu 18.10 and review some videos for schema partitions and please need some help and answer for this questions:

1- I install and create manual partition, but when install finish found 2 partition showing like folder that is right or no. (In windows showing C,D,E,F,....) - if schema is wrong please let me right way for schema attach screen for partition schema.

2- In windows I make some batch file such copy from network to my lap

"ROBOCOPY \\servername\c$\VMExports D:\VMExports\ /E /maxage:20181210"

** /E means Copy subdirectories

** /maxage:20181210 means Exclude files older than date.

How write such the batch but in Ubuntu

3- I add Arabic layout, keyboard and change it with Super + Space but i can't write Arabic

Schema Partitions

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    Two pieces of advice for Windows experts: 1) Your Windows experience WILL lead you astray - you will (understandably) try to do things the Windows way...and it will be frustrating. When you admit that you are a new learner all over again, things will get easier. 2) Many, many folks repartition and reinstall several times during their first year with Ubuntu, trying new "schemas". For your first experiments, try the defaults. You can always overwrite with some other "schema" tomorrow. – user535733 Dec 16 '18 at 1:06
  • Default install is just / (root) and ESP - efi system partition if an UEFI install. Many like a separate /home or data partition(s). But if a server install you may want other partitions, but too many can create issue of space management. You will need to learn bash and cp command and/or rsync. See man pages.One of many rsync examples: askubuntu.com/questions/1028604/… – oldfred Dec 16 '18 at 1:56

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