I have two small questions:

  • I want to erase "Windows 7 - 64-bit", by using Ubuntu 10.11 on the entire hard drive, but I don't want to delete my /home/ dir, so is it necessary to delete all partitions or just delete C:

  • Furthermore i want to create a swap partition area (my PC has 8GB of ram), so is it necessary to have the same ram in swap, or is 4GB of ram okay? I want to hibernate.

Greetings and thanks.

  1. What? Does your W7 have a /home partition that you want to keep? As a general advice, delete the partitions you don't need, and keep those you do.

  2. With 8GB of RAM, you most probably don't need a swap partition, unless you plan on using VMs a lot. Anyway, swap can be less then RAM.


You will need 9Gb swap if you desire hibernation etc. If you do not then you can easily get away with no swap at all :)

When you reinstall, mark the /home partition for use and mounting AS /home (/home cannot be NTFS based as it causes problems) but mark it to NOT be formatted and it will be added appropriately to /etc/fstab

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