I'd like to be able to click on an icon in the Firefox search-bar to immediately bookmark a URL.

I already know that I can click on the ... "Page actions" icon to select the "Bookmark This Page" option, and I know I can drag the URL from the left onto the bookmarks bar to achieve this.

However, is there a way to replace the "Save to pocket" icon and replace it with a "Bookmark" icon?

I am using Firefox 63 on Ubuntu 18.10.

Here is a screenshot of the ... "Page actions" icon icon and the "Save to pocket" icon that I currently have...

enter image description here

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    The picture shows the address-bar, not the search-bar. – mook765 Dec 14 '18 at 8:17
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    Oh! I only have one entry field; I guess it's a combined search/address bar. – PJ Singh Dec 14 '18 at 22:39

It's quite simple.

First right-click on the Pocket icon and select 'Remove from Address Bar'. Then click the 'page actions' (three dots) icon, right-click on 'Bookmark This Page', and select 'Add to Address Bar'.

You can do the same (i.e. add/remove) with other actions that the 'page actions' list provides.


I'm on Firefox 64 (and you'll be as well once you update).

For Pocket, I have


in my about:config. See https://askubuntu.com/a/1083166/248158 for how to do that (and other stuff) via a policy. Here are my policies:

  "policies": {
    "DisableFirefoxStudies": true,
    "DisablePocket": true,
    "DisableTelemetry": true,
    "DisableSetDesktopBackground": true

Now, regarding the bookmarks. If I'm on a page which I haven't already bookmarked, I see a hollow star enclosed in red in the image below:

Page to bookmark

If the page is already bookmarked, the star is filled. Its color may depend on your gtk3 theme.

If you don't see the star at all, see if https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1203256 helps.

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