On Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME triple shortcut combinations (like Ctrl+Alt+Shift+key) are always treated like Ctrl+Shift+key, so Alt is skipped. However, all double combinations (with Ctrl+Shift+, Ctrl+Alt+, Alt+Shift+) are processed properly in all windows.

This happens if the Alt+Shift combination is bound to switch keyboard layout (using gnome-tweaks, as described here 18.04 ctrl+shift to change language)

Examples from Intellij IDEA:

  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S: expected Project Structure, but nothing happens (not sure what Ctrl+Shift+S makes by default)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R: expected Resolve conflicts, actually: Replace in Path is called


  • opposite to the issue described in 18.04 ctrl+shift to change language and bug 1683383 this trouble appears as wrong shortcut is used (Alt key is ignored) rather than unexpected layout switching
  • The problem happens in any window, not only Intellij IDEA
  • The problem happens with any key, which includes Ctrl+Alt+Shift+

So, is it a bug that should be reported to Ubuntu / GNOME / Tweaks developers? Or am I misusing something?

  • The problem is very popular and painful, it will not be fixed in Unity and GNOME sHell. Consider to add my PPA ppa:nrbrtx/xorg-hotkeys from my answer (already mentioned in your question) and switch to normal desktop such as Cinnamon, KDE, MATE (my favorite for last 5 years), Xfce. You may also consider to participate in discussion on community.ubuntu.com. – N0rbert Dec 13 '18 at 20:25
  • @N0rbert It seems the problem is similar and related, but not exactly the same: in the mentioned bugs (which seems to be fixed in 18.04) pointed that Ctrl+Shift is always caught as layout switch, but in my description i mean that layout is not switched, but "further" triple combinations don't work. – radistao Dec 16 '18 at 20:39

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