Kubuntu's software management suite is called Discover (or plasma-discover if you're using a terminal) and is analogous to the Ubuntu Software Center (or gnome-software). Its main panel displays a list of featured applications. How is this list generated?

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    According to UbuntuSoftwareCenter - Community Help Wiki: The “Featured Applications” option displays several applications that are popular throughout the Ubuntu community. So I guess it uses data such as how many times a particular app was downloaded across all devices and how oftenly users use it. I guess something like ML. – Kulfy Dec 13 '18 at 10:47

Currently, in Kubuntu 18.04, the featured applications are:


The source for this list is this according to a Reddit comment.

Some of them can be seen in the image below:

Discover's featured list

The Reddit commenter also provided some background regarding how such a list is generated.

This is where AppStream comes in. See What is AppStream? Why is it installed? What is it doing?. The data collected by AppStream includes reviews and votes on those reviews: see this and this for more including what measures are taken to verify genuineness.

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