I have two dell u1525h displays, connected via daisy chain, which is plugged into my Nvidia GPU by display port.

I have dual boot on the PC, and in the beginning it worked for both mint and windows, but now in mint i get a black screen on the second screen.

I use my pc to work remotely over openvpn, and yesterday when i came home i saw both screens where active (after sitting at the login screen all day), but upon logging in, the second screen became black.
I tried restarting and staying at the login screen, but it didn't work a second time.

I can see both displays in display settings, and in nvidia settings.
changing extend to mirror ,or changing the second screen to primary does not work.

Everything works in windows.

EDIT: after writing this question, i went shopping, and when i came back the computer was on lock screen, but with picture on both screens. I logged in, and had the sreen mirrored, with picture on both screens.
Going into settings and setting to extend, made the second screen go black. Choosing mirror again, did not make the picture come back to screen 2

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