After a recent tour through Gnome3, KDE and Unity my font anti-aliasing in XFCE4 has changed in a subtle way (not sure if it was any of the DEs that changed the setting or any of the dependencies that got install when installing the DEs):

Supixel Anti-Aliasing

The font, Verdana 8, looks almost exactly the same, except in the old one subpixels where used to make the lines a little wider in the new one they are just one-pixel.

Which setting does cause this effect and how can I set it back? It's neither the hinting nor the subpixel ordering, which are the only settings reachable from XFCE4.

Edit: When I create a new account without any existing configuration I get the old subpixel rendering back.

  • How did you make that picture of the new an old display?
    – Totor
    May 22, 2015 at 13:30
  • I had an old screenshot floating around with the old setting (which is why there are JPEG artifacts in the old part). The final image got assembled in Gimp.
    – Grumbel
    May 22, 2015 at 18:39

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The difference between the two font rendering was caused by the LCD Filter setting. XFCE4 stores that setting in:


To fix my problem I deleted the whole <property name="Xft" type="empty"> section (might require to logout of XFCE4 to avoid getting the changes overwritten).

Doing a:

xfconf-query -v -c xsettings -p /Xft/Lcdfilter -s lcddefault

will also work (changes will only take effect after restarting XFCE4).

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