I have Kubuntu 18.10 installed on my PC and I noticed that there are times that after waking up the system from suspend I get a black screen and the mouse cursor and nothing else. I tried to figure out what is going on and I noticed that this may happen as well when the screen goes after X minutes and I move the cursor to turn it back on. First I thought that it was a GPU driver problem, but after several reinstallations of nVidia drivers (410/415) I managed to do nothing. I also read somewhere that a corrupted ~/.config folder may be the case to cause such issues, but after deleting it and restarting the system the problem still persists. I have a GTX1060 (6GB) if that matters. If you need to post any log files or the output of a command(s) please do not hesitate to ask.


I had this problem after installing a bad widget (or "plasmoid", whatever that is?).

Just switch to another virtual terminal Ctrl Alt F6, for example to use virtual terminal 6 (or 5 if 0-indexed.)

Then run kpackagetool5 for KDE Plasma 5 to see your installed widgets

kpackagetool5 -l -t Plasma/Applet

It will yield a list of anything you have installed and most importantly, where they are on your system. This should be in your user directory ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids. Just move them out of there and restart Plasma to see if that fixes it for you. In my case, this amounted to doing

mkdir ~/plasmoids
mv ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/* ~/plasmoids
systemctl restart lightdm

It is also possible to use kpackagetool5 but I avoid using tools that have versions in their name out of principle.

kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/Applet --remove nameofwidget
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