I have a new clean install of 18.04.01 on hardware that was running Fedora 29 just fine. I had trouble with the iommu settings causing the usb ports to not work at all. Not even mouse and keyboard. Resolved that except that the usb 3.0 ports seem cranky. I have a Kingwin dock with a 1 terrabyte drive plugged into a USB 3.0 port that works just fine. It comes up in drive folder and mounts OK and I can access the entire drive. But then I connect a Samsung 64 gig 3.0 flash drive and it comes up but I get an error "Unknown file system exfat". I tried this with a Sandisk 3.0 flash drive and got the same error. I tried both drives in the same port that the Kingwin was plugged into. Very erratic behaviour. I tried apt-get install extfat-fuse extfat-utils no errors. I rebooted but the weird behaviour continues. Any ideas?


The error "Unknown file system exfat" is about the file system, not about USB 3.

There are two ways to go,

  • Work around the problem by replacing the Microsoft proprietary file system exfat with another Microsoft file system, FAT32 or NTFS, or with the linux file system ext4 or with UDF.

  • Add the software necessary to manage the exfat file system. In my Lubuntu 18.04.1 LTS I have installed two program packages from the repository 'universe', which is there in installed Ubuntu systems,

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils

This AskUbuntu link will add some details about exfat and available alternatives.

Maybe there are problems with mounting the drive. In that case maybe this link may help.

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