In my I have two keyboard layouts, English(US) and Arabic. When I tend to start my computer and after login, Arabic layout is enabled by default. I just want the English(US) to be enabled by default not Arabic. I could not able to find any settings option that allows to set a default keyboard layout. I have tried to change layouts order in settings -> Keyboard Hardware and Layout -> Layouts but it leads to loss custom layout shortcuts.:

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It seems that Kubuntu after user login, starts using latest keyboard layout the user used it in the previous session. So when I shut down my computer with Arabic layout, it logins again with Arabic and vice versa for English.

However, still there is no any option to overcome this situation. i.e an option to stick the starting layout after login to a specific layout regarding less what was used in the previous session.

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    I think it remembers the last used layout for a good reason. Most users would find anything else as unexpected behavior. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Dec 12 '18 at 0:15

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