As many others, I cannot access USB devices from my Ubuntu 18.04 (using KDE desktop) host in a Windows 10 VirtualBox (v5.2.22) VM. Of course, my Ubuntu OS user is member of the VBoxUser group (I did a sudo usermod -aG vboxusers myubuntuuser) as described in posts like this:

How to set up USB for Virtualbox?

Also, I have installed the Oracle USB extensions pack and checked the "Use VirtualBox Virtualization solution" on my OS user account in the "Users and Groups" applet. Also VB guest tools are installed in Win10 guest, most recent version.

Unfortunately, when I do a VBoxManage list usbhost there are no USB devices listed. When I do a sudo VBoxManage list usbhost all devices seem to be there. Is there something else I can do? Any help is very appreciated.

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