I have two machines of Ubuntu 16.04.3 systems A and B.

First, I execute apt update && apt-get install XXX YYY ZZZ on the machine A and I can get all deb packages at /var/cache/apt/archives/. Then I copy all of these deb packages from A to B and on the machine B, I execute apt update && apt install ./debsFromA/*.deb to install these deb packages locally.

However, I found that the machine B will redownload all of these deb packages from the ubuntu official siteweb (http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ etc).

So I have offered all of deb packages, why would it still download them again?


Myself I fix this problem by the following method:

  1. Download all necessary packages on machine A with apt-get (to save them in /var/cache/apt/archive)
  2. Copy contents of /var/cache/apt/archive/*.deb from machine A to removable storage
  3. Copy deb-files from removable storage to /var/cache/apt/archive of machine B
  4. Run sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get install <appname1> <appname2> ... on machine B (it will get all deb-files from local /var/cache/apt/archive cache)

This method is straightforward and does not use any special software.

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Your answer can be found here. You may need to adapt the the provided details to your very situation, especially if you are not using a GUI.

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