i want to create my own server on virtual box.

i already add NAT and HOST-ONLY in virtual box.

and this is ip from virtual box host-only Adapter

ipv4 address =
netmask =

dhcp server

server address =
netmask =
lower address bound =
upper address bound =

and this ip in my ubuntu server. i setting ip from file /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml

            addresses: []
            dhcp4: true
            addresses: []
            dhcp4: no
    version: 2

i can access it in same computer, but i cant access from other computer.


If you need to access from other computer, why don't you just use bridged network? This is best suitable in your condition.

For host-only network, you can by no means access to other computers or access from other computers.

As for NAT, even host and guest cannot talk to each other without port forwarding.

Please refer the Official Virtual Network document and think again what are you trying to do.

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