I wanted to list all functions in 2 files I have, so I used:

cat <file_A> | grep -E "^function"
cat <file_B> | grep -E "^function"

How can I compare the outputs and highlight the similarities?


Two options here:

  • if you need GUI solution - then you can use Meld Merge tool:

    sudo apt install meld
    meld <(grep -E "^function" file_A) <(grep -E "^function" file_B)
  • if you need terminal solution - use power of diff:

    diff <(grep -E "^function" file_A) <(grep -E "^function" file_B)
  • no way of doing so without saving output to files? – CIsForCookies Dec 9 '18 at 13:10

You can use the process substitution functionality in this way:

diff <(cat <file_A> | grep -E "^function") <(cat <file_B> | grep -E "^function") 

You do not need to use cat in this case. Also, there is a nice wrapper of diff called colordiff (it must be installed: sudo apt install colordiff). Here is one of my favorite usages:

colordiff --side-by-side --left-column --width=180 --show-C-function <(grep -E "^function" <file_A>) <(grep -E "^function" <file_B>) 

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