I was trying to run Monero-cli one my Ubuntu laptop and it wont let me run the executable file after the start.sh file. It said Permission denied on both the executable and start.sh and I could not find help for problem on google or askubuntu.com.


 czho@czho-Latitude-D630:/media/czho/ETC/monero-gui-v0.13.0.4$ sh 
./start-gui.sh: 6: ./start-gui.sh: Bad substitution
./start-gui.sh: 7: ./start-gui.sh: ./monero-wallet-gui: Permission 

bash: ./monero-wallet-gui: Permission denied
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    ... given the /media/czho/ETC/monero-gui-v0.13.0.4 path, I suspect the file is located on external media whose filesystem and/or mount options do not support execution – steeldriver Dec 8 '18 at 2:49
  • as steeldriver said if your miner is on a USB stick get it copied onto your ubuntu drive and execute it from there ... if you then get execute errors you can fix using chmod +x filename1 as Klufy said ... this this make sense – Scott Stensland Dec 8 '18 at 3:23
  • That worked, thx. – CZHO Dec 8 '18 at 6:06

As @kulfy and @steeldriver said, move the program into main file system and run

chmod +x FILENAME

and as I said I did not come up with this, @kulfy and @steeldriver did.

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