I received an email that I wanted to print. Only way I could get it to print was to modify FONT color from Automatic black. Left at default my thumbnail profile picture printed? That had black in it?...colors were more than JUST black, therefore that part printed.(so I suspect)

  • Black Ink cartridge new (full print via TEST print)
  • Removed Ink cartridge, cleaned of excess black ink. Tapped on cartridge & black ink found on towel.
  • Printing a Libreoffice created text page would only print if I took away automatic color, it prints purple,red, yellow, green, pink, orange...just not black?
  • Copy & paste into Libre doc: No Black text printing
  • Suspected hidden format from Google or Sender for NO printing: Took out all html, blocking, pictures, only formats left in: Paragraph and spacing. NO Black text

    Details:HP 4500 series, wireless ubuntu 18.04 , recycled Dell Optiplex 755 Libreoffice

NOTE: It is an aftermarket ABICUS black ink cartridge. It printed black in previously this and last week from PDF's..some all Black text and boxes.

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