With the standard terminal when I type

cal -w

I get a usage description indicating that 'cal' did not recognize the '-w' but the '-w' is described in 'info cal' documentation. Is there a setting that enables this?

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    IIRC -w only applies to ncal – steeldriver Dec 7 at 14:39
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    @steeldriver to be fair, the -w option is shown in man cal however it seems to only work with the ncal command – Charles Green Dec 7 at 14:43
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    @CharlesGreen however the synopsis section shows w as an option for ncal only I think? – steeldriver Dec 7 at 14:47
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    @steeldriver that is true, in that the man page for cal and ncal is the same page and it is up to the OP to realize that both commands are discussed and not all options are available to both commands. – Charles Green Dec 7 at 14:55
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Typing cal -w in the terminal shows extra arguments supported by cal and even more extra arguments supported by ncal:

$ cal -w
Usage: cal [general options] [-hjy] [[month] year]
       cal [general options] [-hj] [-m month] [year]
       ncal [general options] [-bhJjpwySM] [-s country_code] [[month] year]
       ncal [general options] [-bhJeoSM] [year]
General options: [-NC31] [-A months] [-B months]
For debug the highlighting: [-H yyyy-mm-dd] [-d yyyy-mm]
  • cal only supports h, j and y arguments
  • ncal supports same arguments plus w option you seek and many more

There is no setting to change.

cal and ncal share documentation. The -w option is available only for ncal

This is explained in the 'usage' error you receive when you try to use -w with cal.

If you wish, feel free to file a bug report against the 'bsdmainutils' package with recommended clarification to the documentation.

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