I have an app that must be run on python3.6 and I'd prefer to run it on a Unbuntu 16.04 OS. Problem is that eventually python3.6 ends up trolling through /usr/lib/python3 which is already polluted with python3.5 libraries.

I've tried uninstalling python3.5 but packages like cython3 keep pulling it back in. I've looked at pyenv as well as update-alternatives, but I'm not convinced they sanitize the /usr/lib and /usr/include. I'm still seeing python3.6-dev and python3.5-dev conflicts.

Specific repos I'm doing dev on:

I think my specific problem may all be related to cython. Even though I have python3.6-dev installed, the cython package pulls in python3-dev which pulls in python3 which pulls in python3-5, regardless of my 3.6 installs

virtualenv fixed the problem, but there were quite few bumps along the way. Here's what I did:

  1. Uninstalled cython3: (apt-get remove cython3)
  2. Installed Py3.6 and dev: (apt-get install python3.6 python3.6-dev)
  3. Installed VirtualEnv: (python3.6 -m pip install virtualenv)
  4. Launched VirtualEnv: (source $HOME/python3.6/bin/activate)
  5. Built and installed sip-4.19.13 and PyQt5_gpl-5.11.3 from source.
  6. Installed python-trezor and electrum from source.
  7. Launched electrum from VirtualEnv

Most of my problems were related to python3-* distribution packages, and the fact that wheels for 32bit linux are getting more and more rare. This is what predicated the need for me to build PyQt5 and sip. I had them in a distribution package, but those packages always landed into the 3.5 tree, since 3.6 isn't officially supported on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS yet.

I've included the ubuntu16-electrum-git-build.sh script if anyone is interested.

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