I installed Lubuntu 18.10 overwriting everything on the drive. When the installation finished, I rebooted and logged in. I walked away for some time and when I came back this image was on the screen. enter image description here Anyone know what it is or means?

Hitting a key cleared it and I saw the regular desk top and it seemed fully functional. The second time it happened I took a picture (figuring the printscreen key might clear the screen rather than capture it.) The vertical lines were moving in a wave pattern (the crooked vertical lines in the pic.) The flame pictured over the monitor didn't give me a good feeling.

At all other times since, leaving Lubuntu sit just brings up the default screen saver.


I never thought of it being an actual screen saver. It looks like one called "distort".

I don't understand how a screen saver that looks like the effects of a GPU overheating with a flame on top of a monitor was chosen as a good screen saver. Oh well, they don't consult me on these things :)

  • I can't vote on my own post. I like my answer since it names the screen saver I saw. Thanks for sending me in the correct direction. – rkeating Dec 7 '18 at 3:37
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