After installing software with Software Updater running

sudo apt-get update

shouldn't return any hits right? This isn't the case on my system, I've installed some updates which "popped up" including security updates, but 3 days after when I run the above there are almost 30 hits (package list updates). So, this makes me wonder - does SU always run the update command before the upgrade one?

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  • @user535733, I have one question. If this is indeed the "issue" - phased update (which is fine with me) then me running apt-get update, does it means that those updated will be installed in the next batch by the SU GUI or the SU will still follow the phased update schedule percent thing? – Vitaliy Terziev Dec 6 at 16:18
  • @mature, thanks for the link, it turns out the phased updated are mentioned there as well. – Vitaliy Terziev Dec 6 at 16:22
  • SU will always use schedule-percent-thing phased updates. – user535733 Dec 6 at 16:23
  • @user535733, thanks, how do you propose for me to close that one, is it going to be helpful for others? If yes then maybe you can post an answer, if not I can delete the question. – Vitaliy Terziev Dec 6 at 16:25
  • Folks with high-enough reputation will mark it as a duplicate soon enough. – user535733 Dec 6 at 16:27