I have a system which has Ubuntu 18.04 installed. It has a home folder of size around 500 GB. Now, I am in need of Ubuntu 16.04. I have a space of around 180 GB in the hard disk. Due to the nature of the project I am working on, splitting up the available space for 16.04 OS installation and its home is not a good idea. At the same time, I no longer require a larger home folder for 18.04. So, I am planning to install 16.04 in the available 180 GB and then use a large portion of 18.04’s home as 16.04’s home.

  1. Can I simply create a new folder inside 18.04’s home and mount it as 16.04’s home? The reason why I don’t want to use 18.04’s home directly is that both these OS are going to have some conflicting software and I don’t want to have issues with any of the configuration files in the home folder.

  2. My plan is to not pick a home folder while installing 16.04 and then later edit /etc/fstab. How should I edit the file in this scenario?

  3. What are the possible drawbacks with this approach?

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