I am running Xubuntu 16.04 and I have Chromium installed, when I try to search by voice using https://www.google.com I get to another view where I can see "No Internet connection" and I do have Internet connection. If I use Google Chrome it works fine, but not with Chromium...

What I tried so far is...

  • Already delete my cookies and history and everything and even installed it again.

  • I have also permission for microphone.

  • Chromium is Up-to-date

  • Xubuntu is Up-to-date

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  • Chromium must not be up-to-date. Google removed voice searching awhile ago. – Aaron Franke Dec 5 at 22:06
  • have you already tried sudo apt install --reinstall chromium-browser – hello moto Dec 5 at 23:58
  • see if something like this helps you youtube.com/watch?v=YH2-cZMasiM – hello moto Dec 6 at 0:08
  • @AaronFranke i need it up-to-date :( ... and makes sense because it was working with an older chromium version.... – CRLZXO Dec 6 at 17:45
  • @hellomoto yes i tried that and the video is not the solution, but thanks is more like the version of chromium browser as Aaron Franke said – CRLZXO Dec 6 at 17:47

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