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This is somehow simple; I am migrating to an other computer.
I am going to take the opportunity to switch to the new 18.04 LTS from the 16.04 (on the old computer).

On the 16.04 I installed so many (!) libraries and packages manually using apt-get.


Is there a way to fetch these packages, in a text file for example, that I can copy and paste on the 18.04 to feed an apt-get command to install them back?

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You seem to be looking for the apt-mark command.

apt-mark showmanual will return a list of all packages marked manual.

There are two sets of manual packages, and they are all mixed together:

  1. Packages you specified to apt (sudo apt install foo or sudo apt-mark manual foo) These are the top-level packages in your system. Everything else is a dependency. Usually your desktop metapackage is among these.

  2. Packages installed by the Desktop installer during the initial installation of Ubuntu. This is a safety measure to prevent users from erroneously removing large slabs of their system when they remove their desktop metapackage.

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