First thing, Thanks for reading.

System specification:

MAAS region controller(also juju client): lemur laptop from System76.

Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1 LTS

juju --version is 2.4.3-bionic-amd64

MAAS rack controller:

Dell Poweredge R620 with 2 * Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 Same Linux as my laptop

MAAS version : 2.4.2 (7034-g2f5deb8b8-0ubuntu1)

How did i installed and set MAAS? This

So what i'm thinking is to control MAAS using juju to deploy some apps. On rack server, there are 5 kvm nodes are deployed and running.

I checked everything.

MAAS can deploy and destroy kvm nodes whenever i want.

Each MAAS node can be connected via ssh. ssh ubuntu for example, which is node1.maas, i can remotely control it.

And MAAS DHCP, image syncing are working with no issue.

Now i tried to bootstrap juju with following method.

  1. Type juju add-cloud maas mylab to add my maas.
  2. Type juju add-credential mylab to add credential.
  3. Type juju bootstrap mylab to bootstrap.

And the result (10 mins waiting..).

lee@lee-Lemur:~$ juju bootstrap mylab
Creating Juju controller "mylab" on mylab
Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.4.3 for amd64
Launching controller instance(s) on mylab...
 - h7gbtn (arch=amd64 mem=3.5G cores=1)
Installing Juju agent on bootstrap instance
Fetching Juju GUI 2.14.0
Waiting for address
Attempting to connect to
ERROR failed to bootstrap model: waited for 20m0s without being able to connect: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

Why this happened to me? What should i check?

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