I would like to tweak my system so that the window under focus stands out more. The contrast in the title bar between active and inactive windows is quite hard to see.

I hit this issue the most when I have a lot of terminals open across many 30" monitors and have no idea which one currently has focus.

An ideal solution would be that the window is obvious just from the brightness of the title bar without needing to reach for the mouse or do fiddly alt-tabbing.

I've found some related questions:

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but these are either for unity/compiz, require a mouse or are just for terminals (and it would be nice to solve this for all apps).

I have tried the "Windows Blur Effects" add on (see How to change color of the active/inactive window?) but it makes gnome very slow under its default settings and I'm unable to open the settings from the "Extensions" tab in gnome-tweak-tools to make it less heavy.

Thanks in advance.

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