I'm trying implement a dual-boot with PuppyLinux (Tahrpup 6.0, Xenialpup 7.5 CE etc.) and a Ubuntu based distro (Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc.) but in the grub menu I dont get any options for PuppyLinux.

I have tryed the obvious: Reinstall grub2 and mess around a little with grub-customizer but nothing work!

Askubuntu previous posts don't work for me either!

NOTE: Installing Puppy Linux broke my grub and I have to repair the boot!

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    If you are sure that puppy Linux broke your grub then try having a boot-repair – Kulfy Dec 5 at 1:35
  • I already repair my boot but the the Puppy Linux boot option still missing... – Robbie Asimov Dec 6 at 23:10

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