After shutting down the PC too many times while the kernel is loading my Ubuntu 18.04.1 doesn't boot anymore, it falls into emergency mode the grub wasn't showing before: the grub wasn't showing before

The screen after I select Ubuntu from the grub: the screen after I select Ubuntu from the grub

I run journalctl -xb and this is what i got: error1 error 2

I don't know what's causing these errors but after reading some questions here I think that the problem is related to disk partitions. after running cat /etc/fstab: after running cat /etc/fstab

after running lsblk -f: after running lsblk -f

Does anybody knows what's wrong and how can I fix the problem?? thank you.

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    Looks like you damaged your filesystem. That can happen when you shutdown uncleanly (don't do that anymore). Look up how to run fsck to repair your filesystem. – user535733 Dec 4 at 17:21

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