Been using Linux for a few months and been trying to learn more about it.

I've configured a Thinkpad T43 with Xubuntu 18.04.1 into a server. I can successfully access it through PuTTy on my main machine that runs Manjaro, so all good there.

I've been looking for open source scheduling software. I would like to install and set up dudle ( Would like to try it out, configure it to show a weekly schedule where I can ad entries.

I do not know much about github. Through another guide I got cowsay to work. I have cloned the dudle folder to my home folder and there are instructions for this of course but I am a bit lost from here.

I need to place the folder in a directory where cgi-scripts are evaluated, the webserver needs permission to write into the directory and I need to run a script that is given in the instructions.

Or am I just taking water over my head with the current level I'm on?

Sorry if this has been answered before.

Thank you!

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