The questions has been already asked many times , but I have a special case here. I have installed 18.04 from a live usb Stick in my hard disk. The grub is also installed on the hard disk.

Now, my problem is that when I restart my system, the system hangs and Ubuntu Desktop manager is frozen.

I would like to hence update and install NVIDIA drivers directly from the usb live stick.

I tried to chroot to the installation path ( /dev/sda1 ), but I guess that’s not enough. Any command such as apt-get update or ifconfig etc doesn’t work. I can use the live us stick to connect to internet and install on the usb Stick ( perhaps the ramdisk ),but I am unable to install or update or upgrade anything after I do a chroot.

Can anyone tell me what to do?

  • The apt-get update wasn’t working because the DNS settings in chroot were wrong. I copied /etc/resolv.conf from the live usb to the chroot and now the update works. – infoclogged Dec 2 at 20:22

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