I have two 16.04 installations: one in a Lenovo Ideapad laptop and another in a MSI GP62 laptop. Starting maybe two weeks ago, I noticed that everytime I eject my Toshiba EHD, Ubuntu promptly freezes; no mouse movement, clock does not update, does not respond to keystrokes, etc. This happens in both machines. At this point, the only reprieve is to hard shut down the computer by long-pressing the switch. Ejecting the Toshiba EHD in Windows 10 (running in the same MSI laptop) poses no such problems.

This does not happen with other external media, or other EHDs (the only other one I have for testing being an ancient WesternDigital My Book Elite).

Now I am not sure what is causing this behavior but I think this has to do with some faulty driver update since the problem only started to manifest consistently around two weeks ago. How can I debug this behavior so that I might eliminate it completely/file an appropriate bug report?

The only debugging step I've thought to do is to watch syslog while I eject the EHD. Which gives me the following logs (where ALEXANDRIA2 is the name of the EHD). This is a few seconds after I right-click on the EHD icon in the sidebar and choose "Safely Remove":

syslog right before Ubuntu 16.04 froze

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