Gedit and Bluefish not loading minified 1.6 MB JS file the processes freezes the whole system and a message pops after one to five minutes asking whether to wait or quit the app . The same file opens fine in Sublime and if the code is formatted then it opens fine in gedit and bluefish. Is there some plugins or settings/config to activate or deactivate to make them (gedit and blue fish) open minified files with long lines? Other much smaller minified files open fine in gedit and bluefish. Is this related to gnome memory lake or to these apps. Im running an up-to-date ubuntu 18.04 with gnome desktop and 8GB ram. After viewing the log i found that system complaining about a missing unity-gtk-module everywhere including gedit and bluefish. I went and installed unity desktop but that didn't solve the problem. I then uninstalled unity because i didn't like it but it messed up my system in so many ways like adding shutdown and restart entries to the applications launching list.

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