I'm on ubuntu-mate 18.04

I use a vpn and indicator-ip applet shows good ip when start and stop vpn. But when i get tor in whole system, applet allays shows vpn address. when i use indicator-ip -i public in terminal it shows another applet that shows the good tor address.

i tried correct command into startup application and also try to make a scrip to start indicator-ip from terminal with indicator-ip -i public in command. But it allways shows vpn address even if i'm connected to tor in whole system.

indicator-ip -i public shows different address than vpn. Tried to remove and install again and again indicator-ip and reboot many times; Anybody has a solution ?

  • Simple script like #!/bin/bash indicator-ip -i public Shows only vpn address not tor address But the same command indicator-ip -i public shows another applet in ubuntu-mate menu bar and shows real tor address. – Gy0m Dec 1 '18 at 20:21

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