I am new to Ubuntu 18.04 and found this site to be very helpful so far in setting my system the way i want it. A blind server that I use for backups and accessing any files for my network via streaming or anything else.

I have run into trouble while accessing a vpn in which i can connect and the vpn was setup using a mac but i can not connect to the NAS (a store bought stand alone unit) which i believe is windows os based and can be accessed via smb. The vpn isn't to my network it is to a different one.

the errors i receive are unable yo retrieve share list and no route to host.

I can redirect my ports to point at my laptop (windows os) and vpn into the network and connect straight to the NAS.

Which lends me to believe that it is my Ubuntu server and not the vpn or the network.

I also have a problem access the windows share files on my network from Ubuntu - windows computer. I can push files back the other way for backups (windows - Ubuntu), so i was thinking that I need to config Nautilus or Samba.

Please let me know what logs you would like me to show and any help would be greatly appreciated as i have been at this for a couple of months now.

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