I've connected my new printer, a Brother MFC-L2710DW, via wi-fi to my home network. It works smoothly on Windows, however I am encountering problems, on my Ubuntu 18.04 distribution. Whenever I try to print the Test Page or Self-Test Page, the job is sent to the printer and switch its state to Processing but nothing processed.

  • I've added the printer both through the standard printer interface of 18.04 and the older one of the previous distributions.
  • I've also downloaded the Driver Install Tools and run the installation but again, I've encountered the same problem.

Some thoughts on how to solve my problem?


I have installed this multifunctional on Debian Stretch without any issues with the Driver Install Tools provided by Brother. It did not warn me that the script should be run as root, so you may want to try that out? Also: if your system has AppArmor enabled, you may see error messages in the script output - the script does not cope well with errors, so you're left to yourself to read the script's output.

EDIT: I just found a page detailing so-called 'pre-required procedures': https://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/before.html?c=us_ot&lang=en&prod=mfcl2710dw_us_eu_as&redirect=on#prereq

Instead of including these procedures in the installer script, Brother decided to document them on the website...

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