I've succesfully installed Ubuntu (16.04) on top of a VirtualBox (v: 5.2.22r) on top of these two seperate machines:

  1. MacBook - MacOS Mojave
  2. PC - Windows 10

In both machines, I'm able to see the USB drive once it's plugged-in as expected. No problem at all.

But, from Ubuntu-VM user point-of-view, I was unable to see the USB drive from within the Ubuntu-VM once it's fired-on on both machines.

So, I downloaded and installed the "Extension Pack". Then, from the VirtualBox settings, I've checked the "Enable USB Controller" option and added a filter for my USB drive in the "USB Device Filters"

Now, on Mac, the solution above worked after restarting the machine. In windows though, it's a different story. After restarting the machine:

  • The USB drive is detectable by the OS once it is plugged in which is noraml.
  • Once I run the Ubuntu-VM, select the USB drive from the VM Settings (i.e.: Device->USB), the USB drive disappear from windows which is, again, expected.

  • But that is it, it dispapears from Windows Explorer but doesn't show on Ubuntu "Files" sidebar !!

What might be the issue ?!

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