I have a Dell r710 xeon x5670 system, having 2 processors and 12 cores in it but system is showing 8 cores instead. Also hyper-threading option is not available in the BIOS setting. System monitor also showing 8 CPU's. I have also enabled the logical processor option but it did not work out also. I have installed the ubuntu server x86 18.04.
CPU Monitor History

Confirmation on terminal through "lscpu" command

  • Could you edit your question adding the output for cat /proc/cmdline. Why did you install i386? It should be x86_64. – Doug Smythies Nov 30 at 16:59
  • @wjandrea any solutions ? I have checked the supported operating systems for dell r710, Ubuntu was not in the list. How many chances are there that i am having this issue due to this ? – Usama Irshad Nov 30 at 17:02
  • Possible duplicate of Unable to use all cores or threads – wjandrea Nov 30 at 17:38

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