I am trying to change root password in my Ubuntu .

This is what I did: 1: installed linux on dex on google play
2: downloaded the ubuntu 16.04 LTS arm image
3: After starting the image in linux on dex, enter the graphical interface directly.
       I don't know the passwords of the current users ‘dextop’ and ‘root’ users. How can I change their passwords?

sudo su passwd root

it dones't work ,becaus I also don't know the password of the current user.

       I can't start single-user mode and repair mode, and I can't change the password of any user without knowing the current user password. Sorry, my english sucks, will there be any help?


From googling the default password seems to be secret. See here, you have to scroll down a bit but it says that the sudo password for Linux on DeX is secret.

Afterwards you can do sudo passwd root (NOT sudo su passwd root, not sure what su is doing there) to change password of root user.

Hope this helped!

  • Thanks, very helpful, I revisited the website and they provided the default root password. *Sudo password for Linux on DeX is 'secret'. – Sadaharu Nov 29 '18 at 5:01

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