I have some starters in a folder and When I double click on them, I get the message "Untrusted application launcher". If I click on "Trust and Launch" the program execute but is NEVER TRUSTED !!

I noticed that in the permissions of the starter, the security context is marked as "Unknown". Is that new in 18.04? How can I change it?


Example of error display

  • welcome to askUbuntu! are you trying to run the application as root? try running it from the command line with sudo... what did you install? how are you launching it? – Joshua Besneatte Nov 29 at 1:19
  • @Josuha Besneatle > I ask Steam or PlayOnLinux to deposit an icon (startup) on the desktop. I end up with a file "pgm.desktop" with the "text icon", no icon or the name from inside the startup. To start it, I double click an got the message above. The name inside the starter is "Age of Wonders III (Steam)" – LeLorrain Dec 7 at 4:43
  • By the way, my O/S is Ubuntu18.04 with Unity 7 – LeLorrain Dec 7 at 4:50

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