I have These Bluetooth speakers, which worked on Xubuntu after following these instructions, but now on Ubuntu I can't get them to work. My computer is a Thinkpad X230. I can connect to my phone when Bluetooth is on. Sometimes in the Settings, the Bluetooth says it's on, but in the top tray it's off. When Bluetooth is on, it doesn't detect my speakers at all, just my phone, pc, and fitbit.

This is just a basic overview of my issue, and I don't know what I could do in the terminal to provide more information. I think Xubuntu and Ubuntu use different Bluetooth managers, so hopefully that will help narrow down what is going on here.

  • Fixed it. First I made sure to have my speakers in discoverable mode, and I installed Blueman and Bluez plugins from Synaptic. From the terminal I did bluetoothctl and scan on, which did detect my speaker after a few tried, and then I connected in Blueman. I'm gonna try uninstalling everything I installed, because I may not need them. – duboy Dec 1 at 2:50

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