Currently using Kubuntu 18.04. I am trying to set up deja-dup to backup my files to my Google Drive. I have already added my google accounts and can access my files on Google Drive through dolphin.

But I can't seem to select GDrive as my backup destination in deja-dup. Below is the error message I get.



Configure Deja-Dup for automatic backups to remote Google Drive

  1. Add Google account
  2. Mount Google Drive (automatically on login)
    • KDE: follow above instructions
    • Gnome: [Apps Menu] > Settings > Startup Applications > Add
      1. Name: Mount Google Drive
      2. Command: sh -c 'gio mount google-drive://<username>@gmail.com'
  3. Configure Deja-Dup for automatic backups
    Open Deja-Dup, select your Google Drive account in Storage Location, name the folder, and enable automatic backups.
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    I followed the kde instructions but deja-dup is still not being able to identify the online account. I read somewhere that deja-dup relies on gnome-online-accounts. But gnome-control-center is not working in kde neon – clyton dantis Sep 20 '19 at 19:49

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