For the last very many years I have successfully used:

convert file.jpg file.eps

Please help.

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    Possible duplicate of Error during converting jpg to pdf – Falko Menge Dec 17 '18 at 0:53
  • @FalkoMenge This question is not a duplicate of Error during converting jpg to pdf because converting jpg to pdf convert file.jpg file.pdf does not work and results in a 11BKK.eps' @ error/constitute.c/WriteImage/1028 error. To prove it try convert file.jpg file.pdf for yourself. However converting jpg to eps convert file.jpg file.eps does work following an update in the graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat package. – karel Dec 17 '18 at 1:52
  • @muru This question is not about convert file.jpg file.pdf It is about eps not pdf. It's not necessary to change PDF rights to read|write to convert from .jpg to .eps, so what's the point in unnecessary hacking of the file system ( /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml ) when it works the way it is without hacking it? – karel Dec 17 '18 at 2:24
  • @muru Thanks for retracting your close vote. I removed the useless .pdf remark from my answer which had no purpose there except to convince Falko to delete his comment. – karel Dec 17 '18 at 2:26

This problem has been solved by a software update, and convert file.jpg file.eps now works successfully.

You can also open the .jpg file in GIMP image editor instead. This method also worked 3 weeks ago before the recent software update. GIMP can convert .jpg files to any of its supported image formats including .eps. To install GIMP run sudo apt install gimp

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