I recently switched back to ubuntu 16.04.5 from 18.04 due to bugs. And I felt it was the most stable version (no bugs). But a new problem occured in my laptop. Whenever my laptop suspends (long period [2-3 hours]) and when I try to wake, it crashes. Black Screen and I've no other choice except to reboot. I usually suspend my laptop by closing the lid.

Please Help

My Power

My Grub


Okay, as I know, it was due to multiple linux(ubuntu) distro in my system. My GRUB was in Ubuntu 18.04 and the problem arose in Ubuntu 16.04.5.

I figured out simply by removing ubuntu 18.04 as my primary OS is 16.04.5 and sudo update-grub.

Note: removing 18.04 and updating grub might encounter some problem like Grub Rescue on Boot. Read this: How do I fix "Grub Rescue"? Uninstallation?

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