My question is related to a similar question about Spotify Web Player. It appears the Spotify Web Player will not work in Chromium according to this thread. For privacy purposes, I prefer to use Chromium over Chrome. In addition, I use the free version of Spotify, which does not seem to be available for desktop, as noted by Anonymous in the poster's question in this thread. Lastly, I mostly use Chromium over Firefox due to some functionality problems with add-ons in Firefox. I encountered a screen that looks like this when trying to access Spotify Web player.

I tried installing flash using this answer to fix the problem. I also visited Jorge Castro's discussion of the differences between Chrome and Chromium and found the list of additional plugins to install to make Chromium have similar features to Chrome. Installing these did not work either.

Spotify keeps bringing me to this page and telling me to change the content settings to allow protected content. However, I verified this setting is indeed toggled to the on position, but I continue to see an error instead of the web player. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • I've always had the free Spotify version for desktop. – PlasmaBinturong Feb 26 '19 at 16:57

If you have installed chromium-browser from universe apt repository, you can make Spotify Web Player work there in Chromium, if you also install Google Chrome. Apparently that brings some shared software that Spotify needs. I tested this in 18.04.


Simple solution is to install curl and apt-transport-https using:

sudo apt-get -y install curl apt-transport-https

I have the same problem. To solve it download Wine and then download Spotify for Windows on its official site (the Spotify site, not wine).

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    Why not use Spotify Snap application, instead of Wine? – jarno Oct 27 '19 at 1:57

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