I'm looking for a way to take all the windows from the main monitor and move them to the secondary one, and simultaneously moving the windows from the secondary monitor to the main one.

I'm aware that Shift+Super+Arrow will move individual window to the right/left, but I'm looking for a one shot shortcut.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.10 with the default Gnome desktop.


My monitors are set up in a way that the main monitor is right in front of me and the secondary is tilted to the side. I often find myself researching something on the web and then going back to write code on my IDE while keeping the browser open on the other monitor. So what happens is either I do the searches on the secondary monitor (with my head tilted to the monitor), and then resume normal position to write code, or (too often) I'm searching on the main monitor than continue to work on the code on the secondary monitor in an uncomfortable head position.

I'd like to have a way to quickly switch between them upon changing the main focus such that the main focus window will always be on the main monitor.

If such a thing is not currently possible, I'd love to hear some insight on where should I start in implementing such a feature.


This thread seems to attempt to find a solution (3 years ago) using wmctrl. But wmctrl is a buggy utility that produces inconsistent results.

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