Running a server with a pci-express solid state drive, after some i/o read errors i have the suspicion that my drive is shut down thanks to the pcie_aspm manager. (why one would save power on a server -_-)

While trying to edit the pcie_aspm in the /etc/default/grub file, I found that it is not actually configuring it and the pcie_aspm remains in the default mode, checking the state of pcie_aspm in /sys/module/pcie_aspm/parameters/policy. This is set to default, no matter what I try.

Clear steps:

  • changing /etc/default/grub:
  • running update-grub
  • rebooting and checking
  • no change :(

help would be appreciated since the server is a bit unstable because of this!

Update: To clarify a little bit more:
OS: Ubuntu Server Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

Several sources claiming different solutions (I know these are not the same distro's but at some point you try different things):
Source 1 => pcie_aspm.policy=performance in /etc/default/grub
Source 2 => pcie_aspm=performance in /etc/default/grub
Source 3 => # echo powersave > /sys/module/pcie_aspm/parameters/policy
These did not work for me.

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