Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish is not connecting to my Android phone. It shows the error:

Unable to access "SDM636 MTP SN:E48333B7"

Couldn't find matching udev device.

Error message

What to do?


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How to connect Android device using MTP Ubuntu- Youtube Tutorial

Connect an Android device using MTP in Ubuntu.

You need to follow following steps because ubuntu doesn't show your mtp devices (security reasons). Open a terminal and type commands

$ sudo apt-get install libmtp-common mtp-tools libmtp-dev libmtp-runtime libmtp9 

$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Remove # from in front of last line

$ sudo nano /etc/fuse.conf 

connect your phone to your pc (unlocked)

$ lsusb

open new terminal and type the following command

$ sudo nano /lib/udev/rules.d/69-mtp.rules

copy and paste below lines and replace Device with your phone name and the addresses as shown in image below.

replace the addresses as in the image

# Device 
ATTR{idVendor}=="XXXX", ATTR{idProduct}=="YYYY", SYMLINK+="libmtp-%k", ENV{ID_MTP_DEVICE}="1", ENV{ID_MEDIA_PLAYER}="1" 

type the following command

$ sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules 

Replace the addresses as shown in the image

ATTR{idVendor}=="XXXX", ATTR{idProduct}=="YYYY", MODE=”0666" 

$ sudo service udev restart 

$ sudo reboot
  • Not working on my HTC U12+
    – Ives
    Dec 16, 2018 at 5:19
  • use this link youtu.be/IqVXbaL-kQg
    – Rahul
    Dec 16, 2018 at 17:57
  • Very sad it didn't work for me.
    – Ives
    Dec 18, 2018 at 3:04

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