I’m having trouble with a second monitor on laptops using Ubuntu or Ubuntu based Distros:

If connected over HDMI (only option) with my 27” samsung monitor, it is displayed as samsung 7”, the image is completely distorted and cut in half with the left and right side switched on the native resolution at 1920x1080 on 60Hz.

If lowered it is working, but with little-much flickering and displaying of a lot of bars through the display.

Used laptops: - ASUS B43V Ubuntu and Mint (both most recent) with same problem. - Chromebook HP 14 (old one) with GalliumOS (Xubuntu) with exactly identical results.

Monitor and HDMI cable are working fine with Win7, and even Linux Mint on my PC (where the display is correctly displayed as 27”) At first I thought this issue was due to the 2 video cards in the ASUS, but recently I got the Chromebook and since it had the exact same issue it made me wondering. I have tried different solutions from forums on the ASUS in the past (resolution changing with xrandr and bumblebee setup), but never found a working solution.

The B43V currently runs Win 7 due to the issues and I can’t really use the Chromebook as intended. Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

PS: I remember playing around with the ASUS and Mint several years ago, might have been Mint 13, with no problems with the display. Playing around meaning installing, fixing occuring problems by the help of google and despairing over non fixable problems, then uninstalling it... I'm still pretty new to linux.

If you want to see the output of some commands please write the commands and I will post the result (from the chromebook).

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