I'm currently on Xubuntu 18.04 LTS, I have 12GB of RAM, and 120gb SSD and 500GB of free HDD space. I am dual booting my laptop with Xubuntu (on HDD) and Windows 10 (on SSD). I mostly use Xubuntu alot, since my daily work depends on it.

Currently, I have been experiencing strange issues on my Xubuntu. When I boot up, it always does "System File Check" which take ages (2 minutes)!! (I know on SSD it would be much faster, but this is way out of the ordinary to slow). I then check using free -m without any apps open (just default processes), and the buff/ cache is already in the 800mb value.

I then open up other programs like mozilla with 3-4 tabs, and it increases to 2-3gb of buff/ cache. On some occasion it has been in the 8-9GB range without any apps open. It stays stable in that range, doesn't drop/ increase.

What is the problem here? Is there a memory leak? Is it normal? How do I fix it? Reinstall Xubuntu?

  • All free memory can be used as cache, it will give memory back to you if there's other program wants to allocate memory. If your memory is sufficient, it can buffer everything you read so you won't have to access disk again. It's definitely not leak. – Alvin Liang Nov 21 at 16:13
  • Thank you Alvin! – adis Nov 21 at 16:20

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