So I installed qtcreator package on ubuntu 18.10.

I found out that to get the examples, I also needed the qtbase5-examples and the qtbase5-doc-html package.

But there are still no examples shown in the drop-down menu of the Welcome screen in qtcreator.

I found people with similar problem (for example for archlinux), but trying to fix the path problem does not allow the examples to show up in qtcreator.

Aynone ?


It's possible you have installed Qt Creator but not the Qt5 development libraries. Try installing the development libraries with:

sudo apt install qt5-default

Then try launching Qt Creator and see if the examples have appeared.

  • yes. you are almost right. That fixed the problem. But the package that is really needed is in fact qtbase5-dev – solsTiCe Nov 23 '18 at 7:56

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